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We are a diverse Teamster Union our members are employed in various occupations, such as Truck Drivers, Office Personal, Alcoholic Beverage Dist, Bakery Dist,  Law Enforcement, Refuse Drivers, Municipal Workers, Warehouse Men, Fuel Oil Delivery, Grocery Dist, Laborers and more all through out the state of New Jersey. We encourage our members to visit this site regulary.We will update the site on a regular basis, in order to keep the members informed. You will also find other helpful information such as contacts, member's events and forms. If you are interested in Union representation with Teamsters Local 701 in your place of employment go to our organizing page for more information.

This page has been set up as an information resource. However, any correspondence through this site or e-mail shall not replace official and normal union business. As always contact your shop steward or union representative with any problems or questions.



The following Scholarship Applications are available:

Teamsters Local 701 (Deadline to apply March 31,2014)

James R. Hoffa Memorial (Deadline to apply March 31,2014) 


Call the Union Hall for more information. (732) 297-2701  




Please mark your calendar for next years Scholarship Golf Outing to be held on Monday September 08, 2014




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